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The Law Office of Taylor R. Dahl thoroughly enjoys helping families grow through adoption and has the necessary expertise in this area. The legal process for adoption can be complex, so it is important to have an experienced attorney who understands the process and is able to help your family. Our office is here to make sure the process is completed correctly, so that your family can grow without worry.

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Stepparent & Relative Adoption in TN

While relative adoptions are perhaps the most common type of adoption, this does not make them routine. Each and every case is unique and presents its own set of facts and circumstances that must be considered. Whether there are grandparents raising grandchildren, a spouse who has stepped in to become a parental figure, or any number of other circumstances, our Clarksville adoption attorneys are able to assist in all types of relative adoption.

Oftentimes in families, this relationship between a child and adult already exists, but you might be wondering if you should take the step to make it official. Stepparents, grandparents, or other relatives often fill the roles of a parent. 

An adoption can provide official recognition to this already special relationship. It also carries with it certain parental rights and responsibilities and establishes a legally binding and lasting parent-child relationship. This can be impactful and significant for both the parent and the child. Our team can help you through the process.

Relative adoptions can also be a manner by which same-sex couples are able to ensure parental rights for both parents, including in situations involving surrogacy and sperm donation. Even if the other parent is not in agreement with the adoption, our office handles contested termination of parental rights cases.

Can I adopt someone over 18?

Adoptions are not just for welcoming children into a family. There are many occasions where an adult adoption may be appropriate, and our office is able to help you through this process as well. 

Many people have been raised by a stepparent, grandparent, or other parental figure; but for any number of reasons, the relationship might not have been made legally official. Even after turning 18, there can still be a number of benefits and reasons for pursuing an adoption.

State or Non-Relative Adoptions

Whether you have obtained custody of an unrelated child, have fostered through the Department of Children’s Services, or desire to adopt a child from an unrelated or distantly related person, our office can assist you in establishing the parent-child relationship.

Even if you have a custody order, this might not be permanent unless you finalize the process through adoption.

If you are a foster parent and wish to adopt, it is important to have legal representation to protect your interests and assist through the process with the Department of Children’s Services and the court system.

Why Choose Our Adoption Lawyers in Clarksville?

Adopting a child from an unrelated person can be a complex process, whether this is a mother agreeing for you to adopt a newborn child or whether you have been caring for a non-relative child. It is important to consult with an attorney early in the process to make sure everything is done correctly to protect you and your growing family. The Law Office of Taylor R. Dahl is able to help you through this process.

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Contested Adoptions

If either or both of the parents are not in agreement with the adoption, this could mean a contested termination of parental rights case is needed before the adoption can proceed. Parental rights are not absolute, and the law provides for the termination of parental rights in specific instances when grounds to do so exist and it is in the best interest of the minor child to do so. This is one of the most impactful decisions upon a child’s life, which means it is vital to have an attorney who can explain the options and guide you through the process. The Law Office of Taylor R. Dahl provides experienced and effective representation in these cases.

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